Overflow consulting for tech agencies

Agency Experience

Partner with someone who knows how to hit the ground running

Unlike your everyday generic developer, I have made a career consulting on behalf of agencies for their clients.

I help tech agencies perform discovery, diagnose problems, prescribe solutions, implement fixes, and resolve real issues leveraging modern, scalable web technologies.

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  • Availability

    Optional retainer deposits ensures I am on deck

  • Urgency

    Open hours each week are availabile for urgent work

  • Experience

    Nine years in tech and six working with agencies


Reliability to help with your pipeline's overflow

Too much work and not enough hands on keys is a good problem to have. What to do next can be a little tricky.

One solution to the too much work and not enough hands problem is to hire a full-time developer to take care of overflow work. However, full-time employees become costly during the slow season. Who wants a developer's salary eating into their profits?

Another solution is to bring in a freelancer. This eases the cost issue during the slow season, since you do not have to pay them when there is no work. However, freelancers tend to overfill their pipeline, making it near impossible to procure their services. Other times, freelancers commit to engagements that take up all of their available hours for weeks, even months, leaving you with no one to help out. Who wants to be left out to dry by a freelancer?

What if there was someone who could be brought in as needed, has availability each week, and has experience working with agencies? There is; meet quickcurve.io.

quickcurve.io is a consultancy that:

  • can be retained as needed

  • has availability each week

  • has experience working with agencies


“Richard’s process is transparent. He’s always up front with how he is going to make our customers’ projects a success.”

Colin Reposa at Syrinx Consulting

Pic of Colin Reposa

Questions and Concerns

  • Are you on call 24/7?

    Thankfully, no. I am only available within business hours.

  • What are your hours?

    Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm CDT

  • How do you always have some availability?

    I only book a portion of the normal 40 hour week so that I can always take on work I am interested in.

  • Why do you dedicate hours to urgent work each week? Are you getting a lot of urgent work?

    I occasionally get urgent work. However, by dedicating a handful of hours each week to urgent work, I never have to turn down an agency in need.

  • We want to book you full-time. Do you do full-time work?

    On occasion, I take on full-time work. I always let the agencies I work with know ahead of time, and there has to be a valid reason why I must work full-time.

  • Do you have a resume?

    You can find it here

  • What languages are you familiar with?

    Elixir, Java, Javascript, Objective C, Python and Ruby. Currently learning Swift.


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